How to add a Facebook chat

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This article describes how to add Facebook chat to your website. Embed the Facebook Messenger chat window on your website and answer your customers' questions online.

Terms of service and other information

To add the Facebook chat, you need to add HTML code which is a Premium function not available for all packages. If you cannot use it but wish to do so, upgrade your website through your account.

You will need to have your own domain on the page where you wish to place the chat box in order to use the service. The domain must have a security https certificate deployed.

To generate the code in your Facebook account, you need to possess administrative authority over the website. Otherwise, you will not be able to access these features in your account.

How to generate a code and add it to your website

1. On your account, select the Settings tab.

2. Go to Messaging, scroll down to the General Settings section and select Get Started.

3. Select Set up.

  • A new window will open you can generate a code there in three steps via the Save & Continue button. In the first step, you choose the language.

  • In the second step, add your domain (or domains).

  • In the third step, the code is generated. Copy it via the Copy code button and select Next.

  • Now you can insert the code on your website. The code must be added to each page where you want the chat box to appear. Add it as high as possible to the page, ideally just below the introductory image of the page. Insert it via the Add Content button and the HTML option. Publish the website after pasting the code.

  • Go back to the Facebook settings and click Finish.

4. Now you can customize the chat window (greeting, colour, size etc.) and save via the Publish button.

Did you enter the code according to the instructions, but the chat box does not appear on the published pages?

  • Make sure that you meet the basic conditions for using the service back to the beginning of the article (your own domain with an active https certificate).
  • Check in the last point of code generation that you have a domain added to the list of domains for using the service.
  • Verify that you have copied the entire code that you received. We recommend using the option to send the code to an email message and copy it from it.
  • Make sure that the code is correctly pasted on the page where you want the chat box to appear. The code should be inserted as high as possible on the page, and the pages should be published once inserted.

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