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Modified on Mon, 13 Nov, 2023 at 2:57 PM

Our website editor gives you the ability to take control of the visibility of your websiteYou have access to SEO-settings for your website via Pages - SEO page settings in the menu where you add a page title, meta description and page address for each menu page individuallyThis is important to make your website interesting for potential visitors and search engines like Google.

Page title 


The title should reflect the specific content of the page. If you do not add a specific title on your pages, Google will use the menu page names instead, which might be less specific and less appealing to potential visitors. The length of the title should be around 60 characters, and preferably avoid using the company name since Google might add this automatically, meaning it will be shown twice. The title of your page is also shown in the browser tab.


Meta description 


The meta description is a short introduction to the content for a certain page. The purpose of meta description is to inform the person who searched what to expect from the content of the page if they click it. It´s a form of advertisement for the content of the page.  


If you do not add a specific meta description on your pages, either a random text from the page content itself, or nothing at all, will be shown, which can be off-putting for potential visitors, and in the long term might affect search results.


The recommended length of the meta description is 150-160 words. It should be a grammatically correct written text with a natural flow, not a list of keywords separated by commas. Remember to use relevant keywords connected to your page in the meta description. Each one of your pages should have a specific meta description. Do not use the same meta description for all your pages.


Page address 


The page address defines the link to a certain menu page on your website. 

Such as


The address cannot contain special characters like å, ä, ö, nor spaces or capital letters. Stick to letters a-z and numbers 0-9. The page address should correspond well with the page title. 

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